Cyprus website security, has been our area of expertise since 1997. Following extensive experience with over 1000 websites, ethical hacking tests and vast experience in “cleaning” them and of course secure the sites, we have prepared our own firewall web-site-security pro.  If you want your website to be protected 24 hours/day then your solution is Web-site-security Pro.

The solution:
Cyprus website security Pro is the only solution which covers 99.99% of daily attacks. We install the firewall which works as a secure shield on top of your website and monitors any changes, interventions, vulnerabilities, violations and on the fly protects your site from malicious attacks. Daily our firewall is updated from our central servers with the latest attack signatures thus makes the solution intelligent and responsive. Our solution does not affect at all the speed of the website, on the contrary it blocks all scanners and forwards all traffic to your internet gateway.

The benefit:
Reputation damage is measurable in case of a successful attack. How would your customers feel about your company in case they see a violation image stamp on your site? I.e. a flag of another country mentioning “You have been hacked”. What is the cost of experts in order to proceed with reputation recovery from Google? From your SEO, clean and recover all data and input?

The cost:
Cyprus website security pro costs 245 euros per year + VAT

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