We have developed a full vehicle management and sales on line which can be used for any vehicle handling, reselling, selling company. Fully customizable, operational live. Product 2017 launched to 5 international customers. The on line web site software development is suitable for car sale and car rental websites. Easily create powerful car listing website good for trucks, trailers, vans, bikes, motorcycles, boats, yachts, campers and other types of vehicles. We have designed and developed this and guarantee that is extremely easy to manage your vehicle listings, create unlimited car categories and subcategories, manage user requests sale, create custom list of car's characteristics and categories for them and much more.
This is a complete fully functional car dealership website. Brand and images are used as samples only.

About eGroup Services Ltd

Specializing in Cyprus web solutions and internet marketing, Cyprus web design company, Egroup, has a global portfolio of clients across all verticals. One of our leading self owned projects is the B2B portal Cyprus Best companies. This is the largest business directory in Cyprus and every company listing enjoys an automated SEO in 300 Search Egnines worldwide.

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