Cyprus Information Security services

Cyprus information security services, is a service we provide to all Cyprus banks and selective customers. Moreover, Egroup, has offered to over 1200 participants training in Information security awareness, Information Security policies, Information Security Best Practices


Threats and Vulnerabilities

  • Client information leakage
  • How cookies work
  • Hostile applets and viruses
  • Brainstorming Session: How do you think you can secure your daily chain of processes.


  • Reporting Procedures
  • Reporting documents
  • Incident Handling
  • Documenting Evidence needed
  • Communication Channels Available

Social Engineering:

What if you are asked for your password?

What if you are asked for any information

Information Classification (Public “ Confidential “ Private)

Web Information “ New business Openings “ Medical Record of employees Escorting visitors methodology

Visitors access (Badge, Registration, Systems Automation)

Access - CHAP (Challenge Access Processes


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Specializing in Cyprus web solutions and internet marketing, Cyprus web design company, Egroup, has a global portfolio of clients across all verticals. One of our leading self owned projects is the B2B portal Cyprus Best companies. This is the largest business directory in Cyprus and every company listing enjoys an automated SEO in 300 Search Egnines worldwide.

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